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Once upon a time, Truth wanted to meet humans. She walked into a village naked and alone. The villagers cursed her and angrily drove her from the village. Truth then walked into a second village. The villagers spat on her and contemptuously drove her away. Truth then walked into a third village. The villagers threw rocks at her and murderously drove her out.

As Truth sat sobbing, Story walked by wearing dazzlingly beautiful clothes with all the colours of the rainbow. Still sobbing, Truth told Story what happened, to which Story replied that of course they would do that, no one wants to see the naked truth. Story lent Truth some of her clothes and the two of them walked back into the village together where they were each welcomed by the villagers with a magnificent feast.

Richter Trial Lawyers specialize in 3 areas of the law, estate litigation, family law and serious personal injury claims. Our approach to creating the Vancouver Estate Lawyer website to provide more resources for estate litigation lawyers. Like other estate litigation law firms, we need the truth from our clients about what happened and we research the same law from the statutes and case authority. Unlike other law firms, our approach is we remember the importance of your individual story.

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