What is undue influence in the making or changing of a will?

Vancouver estate lawyers ask whether the will-maker’s will was dominated by another person, whether through coercion, manipulation or the outright but subtle use of power. They also consider the “potential for dependence or domination” provisions in WESA.

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What are the formalities of making a will in BC?

Vancouver estate lawyers look to WESA for the formalities of executing a will including writing, 2 witnesses and signing in each other’s presence. Estate litigation lawyers also use WESA to formalize an improper will and even a document that would not otherwise be a will.

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What is a wills variation claim?

Vancouver estate lawyers help husbands, wives, sons and daughters bring a wills variation claim if a partner’s or parent’s will does not make “adequate provision for their proper maintenance and support”. In making that determination, the courts look at current legal and moral norms.

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